Add energy usage

Here we guide you through adding information about your energy use

You can enter details about your gas and electricity supply and usage for your business premises in the Energy section.

You can find your energy usage data in kWh on your energy bills from your supplier, or from a smart meter if you have one. 

Only add suppliers related to your business premises. To account for your employees home working emissions please head over to the Home working section.

  1. Adding a gas supplier
  • View the Gas supplier tab.
  • Click the `Add gas supplier` button.
  • Add a name for your gas supplier.
  • Click `Add supplier`.



2. Adding an electricity supplier
  • View the Electricity supplier tab.
  • Click the `Add electricity supplier` button.
  • Add a name for your electricity supplier.
  • Select the type of electricity tariff you have with the supplier.
  • (If you are not sure, choose `Non-renewable (or mixed)`) 
  • Click `Add supplier`.

 3. Adding energy usage
  • Find the supplier you want to add usage for.
  • Click the `Add usage` button next to this supplier. 
  • Enter the `Start date` and `End date` and the usage in kWh. 
  • Click `Add` to save.
  • The usage period will now be displayed in the supplier record.


4. Viewing your energy emissions

  • Select the year you’d like to view on the top right corner of the page.
  • At the top of the page you can see the total energy emissions for your usage for the chosen year, and a breakdown by gas and electricity.

Scroll down to see the emissions from the usage for each of your energy suppliers.
(These emissions will be prorated to reflect the year you’ve chosen to view)


5. Updating or deleting energy usage

  • Find the supplier you’d like to change.
  • Click on the `▼` to display the usage that you’ve entered.
  • Find the usage period you’d like to change.
  • Click on the menu icon for this period.
  • Select edit or delete.


6. Updating or deleting an energy supplier

  • Find the supplier you’d like to change.
  • Click on the menu icon for this supplier.
  • Select edit or delete.
  • Note that deleting a supplier will also delete all of the associated usage you’ve entered.

How we calculate emissions from this data.


Ecologi Zero uses an average emissions factor for the combustion of natural gas, multiplied by your kWh usage figure to calculate your gas emissions under scope 1. You’ll also see scope 3 emissions in your footprint attributed to your gas energy usage which account for upstream extraction and supply.



Ecologi Zero takes the energy source into account when calculating your electricity emissions. If your tariff is 100% renewable energy then no scope 2 emissions will be reported. However, for standard energy tariffs, Zero calculates your usage in kWh multiplied by the emissions of an average UK energy grid mix. Upstream emissions are incorporated for both renewable and nonrenewable tariffs as scope 3 emissions.