Climate Action Workforce - August 2023

Introducing Climate Action Workforce: our refreshed business subscription product.

What is happening?

As of 9th August 2023, our Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce and Climate Friendly Workforce® business subscription products will be changing their name to Climate Action Workforce.


Why is this happening?

In our journey towards building a sustainable future, we recognize the need to continuously evolve and adapt. As a responsible company committed to combating climate change, we have taken the feedback from our customers, the changing regulatory landscape, and the risk of greenwashing seriously.

While over the past few years terms like “net-zero”, “carbon-neutral” and “carbon-negative” received official definitions endorsed by scientific bodies, there are a plethora of other terms in the market that don’t have official definitions and create ambiguity. And while 'Climate Positive Workforce' carried a positive connotation, we found that the term lacked specificity and left room for interpretation.

We realised that we needed a name that immediately conveyed our commitment to taking concrete, measurable action against climate change. By renaming our service to 'Climate Action Workforce,' we aim to crystallise our intent and inspire a sense of empowerment in our customers and partners.


What does this mean?

By 10th of August 2023, both new and existing customers will see the Climate Action Workforce name reflected across the Ecologi platform. This includes profiles, dashboards, the business toolkit, social media assets, badges - as well as our website.

This name change doesn’t equate to a change in pricing, and the cost of our business subscription products will remain the same.

Both new customers and existing customers will be able to see this new product name reflected across the Ecologi platform including website, Ecologi profiles and dashboards, business toolkit, social media assets, badges and more.


If you’d like to know more about these changes, please see our blog post here.