Responsible reforestation

To find out more about the measures we take to ensure that the trees funded by our members are creating as much benefit as possible.

We understand customers' concerns regarding their funds supporting poor reforestation methods, after all, no one wants to be causing more harm than good. With news articles highlighting these poor reforestation approaches, it is important to reassure our members of the measures Ecologi takes to ensure that responsible reforestation is happening at our sites.

Here at Ecologi, we too believe that monoculture forests and non-native species do not fall under the category of responsible reforestation. The species of trees planted varies from site to site depending on factors including geographical location, existing habitat, current biodiversity, ecosystem services, and benefits to local communities.

For example, in our coastal planting sites in Madagascar, our partners primarily plant mangroves. However, in total, our partners Eden Reforestation Projects plant over 50 different species, including Avicinia marina, Rhizophora mucronata, Ceriops tagal and Bruguiera gymnoohiza. To learn more about our Madagascan planting sites, please visit this blog post.

Furthermore, we also ensure that planting only takes place during favourable seasonal conditions. We do this through the guidance of our trusted reforestation partners who engage with and incorporate local communities and their knowledge into the planting process. Once planting is complete, local communities are able to reap the benefits of the trees, as well as develop a sense of custodianship for the trees they've planted 🌳

To find out more, read our approach to responsible reforestation and visit our projects page on our website.