What's the survival rate of the trees I'm funding?

To find out how Ecologi ensures a high survivability rate of trees and for steps taken in the event of a forest fire

Tree survival

Here at Ecologi, we understand just how important it is to take precautions to make sure we can expect the highest survivability rate of trees funded as possible. We ensure this by carefully selecting our planting partners and by maintaining great relationships with them. We receive regular updates, including photos and the latest developments from the ground on each of our sites.

Other factors that give us the confidence that the trees planted will survive are:

  • Our partners are regularly audited by third parties, and publish internal reports with updates and data from the planting sites.

  • Using native trees that thrive within their local environment, planted by experienced local planters.

  • Selecting partners that are experienced in local conditions, and can minimise damage from events that threaten the survivability of the trees.

All of these factors allow us to expect a survival rate of 80% in the projects we fund. However, this figure varies depending on a number of factors including; location, specie of tree and local conditions.

🌴 Did you know? Between years three and five the young mangrove trees at our Madagascan site begin to produce their own propagules (baby mangrove trees) resulting in a proliferation of natural regeneration. Multiple studies demonstrate the initial survival rate (80%) combined with natural regeneration results in a luxuriant impact ranging between 150 and 500 per cent 🤩

Forest fires

With tree planting, unfortunately, there is often a very small risk of forest fires leading to a loss of trees. To minimise the risk of this, we take great steps to minimise the risks, some of these steps are:

  • Screening the site for risk before agreeing to support the site.

  • Carrying out checks to ensure the project partner is the best in class and that they plant ecologically appropriate trees.

  • Once a site is up and running, we ensure that our planting partners carry out regular monitoring to ensure the planting success and control of fire risks.

Should the worst happen and a forest fire does destroy trees at one of our sites, we have a contingency fund to ensure that wherever damages or loss of sites might occur, we can quickly respond by restoring either the affected site or replacing the impact with impact elsewhere.

For further queries related to the survivability of our trees, please feel free to contact us at support@ecologi.com.