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What to expect from Ecologi Zero

An overview of how Ecologi Zero works


Calculating your carbon footprint can be confusing! Ecologi Zero ® gets you started quickly, using your existing accounting data to produce an initial calculation using your supplier and transaction data.

To begin with, Ecologi Zero takes your business transactions and assesses this information using complex input-output tables, which produce emissions values for your financial transactions, based on industry average emissions figures.

Example: if you spend £100 on business software with Microsoft and plug in your financial data to Ecologi Zero, the tool will match Microsoft to its industry (IT software) and take the UK average emissions figure from the IT software industry. It will then multiply it by 100, for your £100 spent. Finally, Ecologi Zero will produce a footprint of 1.2kg CO2e for this purchase because the industry emissions factor for this industry is 0.012kg per £ spent.

The types of industries where your business spends money, and the amount of money you spend in them, will therefore influence the calculated emissions.

Ecologi Zero then gives you the ability to input detailed information about your organisation - including vehicles, premises and energy. This builds on your financial data to provide a more refined, precise analysis of your company's carbon footprint, and emissions hotspots, to help you start planning your journey to net-zero.

This same process will automatically be applied to all of your business transactions, painting a clear picture of your business emissions.

Follow this link to discover the detail behind our methodology for Ecologi Zero