What is the Impact Shop?

Our space for one-off climate-saving purchases

The Impact Shop is the place to fund high quality climate solutions and nature restoration projects.

Below are listed the types of projects you'll be able to support, however, there are plenty more exciting projects to come!


Plant trees (Core sites) 🌱

Funding the planting of trees in some of the amazing reforestation projects we support at Ecologi. 

From mangrove trees protecting communities against coastal flooding in Madagascar to Polylepis trees strengthening water security for people in the high Andes, or fruit trees providing food and a source of income for farmers in Uganda and Morocco, the trees you fund will bring many benefits to both local communities and the surrounding environment.


Plant UK trees 🌳

Help us plant even more native trees in the UK to restore important habitats so we can help UK wildlife to thrive.


Plant US trees 🍂

Your support will help to restore trees to the Appalachian region in the USA. Planting native trees in the Appalachian region will help return this world-famous landscape to its former glory. They will help support local wildlife, and they are also improving the hydrology of the area, improving local access to water.


Plant Australian trees 🍃

Funding these trees will support local wildlife, including vulnerable species can make a big difference to this part of the world, where the rate of tree loss is high. We can help turn the tide of tree loss by planting native species and engaging local communities in planting and protecting their trees, providing a vital home for local wildlife.


Plant Brazil trees

Fund high-quality native tree planting in Brazil. Support the restoration of degraded areas of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, which once covered over 1.2 million square kilometres, creating a healthier ecosystem that supports rare species.


 Avoid carbon through renewables ☀️

By funding this project, you'll be supporting carbon emissions avoidance through renewable energy projects such as wind, solar and small hydropower.

Ecologi buys carbon credits from these projects to reduce carbon avoidance, helping to prevent further climate change, and also benefit the communities within which they are situated, including providing employment opportunities and improving local access to clean energy.


Avoid carbon via nature-based projects 🌿

Through the purchase of this item, you'll also be reducing carbon emissions, however, it'll be through supporting nature-based projects such as preventing deforestation of rainforests.

The nature-based projects Ecologi supports reduce carbon emissions and offer a fantastic array of additional benefits to local people and biodiversity, including introducing new streams of income for local communities, funding education projects, and protecting habitats vital to the survival of threatened species.


Avoid carbon via communities🚰

By purchasing this product you're not only funding carbon emissions reductions, but you're also helping to fund projects that improve people's lives. This is through means such as providing them with clean water or more energy-efficient cookstoves that produce less air pollution.


Fund Certified carbon removal through Biochar production

Support high-quality and verified carbon removal. 

Biochar is a super charcoal that locks up carbon for centuries to come, saves water and helps plants grow. You can use Biochar to balance your unavoidable emissions as you reach net-zero.

Read more about the projects here.


Fund Nature-based carbon removal through Blue Carbon

Support high-quality and verified blue carbon removal. Blue carbon removal locks away carbon in coastal and marine habitats, and supports biodiversity. You can use blue carbon to balance your unavoidable emissions on your net-zero journey.

Read more about the projects here.


Fund Nature-based carbon removal through Afforestation

Support high-quality and verified Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR). Projects sequester and lock up carbon and support biodiversity. ARR can be used to balance your unavoidable emissions on your net-zero journey.

Read more about the projects here.


Fund Habitat restoration in the UK

Support biodiversity and support native plants and animals, including pollinators and some of the UK’s most recognisable animals in ancient woodlands, such as red squirrels.

Read more about the project here.