Pay-as-you-go account

Fund climate action when it best suits you

Our free pay-as-you-go account can be used to fund climate action, without the need for a subscription. You can sign up for this on our website here
Once you have set up a pay-as-you-go account (or a Climate Action workforce subscription), there are then a few ways you can go about purchasing additional trees or carbon avoidance credits.

a) Manually 🔧 - using the 'add more impact' button on your new Ecologi profile, or make a purchase via the Impact Shop.

b) Automatically 🚀 - using our integrations. Under the 'API' tab of your account settings, there's information on using our Shopify app, Zapier integrations, or our API. You can set any of these up in a way that best suits you. To learn more, please visit our support article here.