Pricing/Gifting changes FAQ - November 2023

Further information on changes to our tree pricing and gifting options.

1. Why is the price for 'core' global trees increasing from £0.24 to £0.60 per tree?

To date, global trees we sourced from some of our reforestation partners were available at relatively low price points. This allowed us to maintain lower prices for our customers by balancing the cost of more expensive trees from other reforestation partners with these cheaper trees, keeping our price-point at an artificially low level that did not reflect the true cost of all the reforestation projects we’re supporting globally.

Unfortunately, due to rising costs affecting all of our suppliers and resultant price increases across the board, we in turn have had to raise the price of our core trees to better align with the true cost of reforestation. This allows us to continue supporting high-quality projects that maximise tree survival rates and benefit local communities and ecosystems, while still offering our customers an affordable planting option at the best possible price that market conditions allow.

2. How does this price increase benefit reforestation projects and local communities?

Our reforestation partners work tirelessly to keep costs low while delivering high-quality projects that go beyond simply putting trees in the ground. Our partners implement initiatives that benefit local people and ecosystems, ensuring the long-term success of the projects and communities, from gender empowerment workshops to improving accessibility to clean water, and distributing fuel efficient cookstoves. By increasing the price of planting global trees to better reflect the true costs involved, we can continue to support these high-quality projects and our trusted reforestation partners for the long-term.

3. What's the reason behind the price changes for UK, US, Australia, and Brazil trees?

UK trees: The price for UK trees is increasing slightly due to rising costs of materials. This adjustment allows us to maintain a reasonable margin while continuing to support UK reforestation projects.

US, Australia, and Brazil trees: A small margin increase is being applied to these products to accommodate future suppliers who may have higher tree prices. This change ensures flexibility and sustainability in our offerings.

4. Why is the price for biochar (tonne) decreasing from £315 to £270?

We have secured new supply lines that enable us to access high-quality biochar projects at a more favourable price. We are pleased to pass on these cost savings to our customers by offering biochar at a lower price.

5. Will the prices of all other Ecologi platform services/carbon offsetting remain the same?

Yes, all other platform prices will remain unchanged. The adjustments in pricing are specific to tree planting and biochar products.

6. When will these price changes take effect?

These price changes will take effect on Thursday November 17th.

7. How often will you review and potentially adjust the pricing in the future?

We regularly review our pricing to ensure it aligns with the true cost of impactful climate projects and sustainability efforts. Any future pricing adjustments will be made thoughtfully and with our customers' best interests in mind.

8. Will the pricing changes affect the transparency of where my contributions go?

The transparency of how your contributions are allocated to reforestation and related projects remains a top priority for us - these pricing changes are intended to ensure the continued success and quality of these initiatives while maintaining transparency. All projects and expenditure details will continue to be made available in our Public Impact Ledger.

9. Can I still purchase trees at the current rate up until 17th November?

Yes, you can continue to purchase trees at the current rate until November 17th. This allows you the opportunity to make purchases at the existing price point before the new cost structure takes effect.

10. Is the cost of CAW subscriptions changing?

No! The cost of Climate Action Workforce (CAW) subscriptions are not changing. However, to ensure the current price remains sustainable, the volume of trees and the amount of carbon avoidance included in each CAW tier is instead being adjusted. This adjustment is designed to safeguard the current price while still allowing you to participate in CAW and support reforestation initiatives, as well as incorporating the latest carbon footprint data.

11. Why has the carbon footprint data included in my subscription tier changed/gone down?

Alongside these pricing changes, we’ve updated the carbon footprint data used in our subscription packages. Our team has incorporated the most up-to-date data about the average carbon footprint of a resident in each country. The exciting news is that this update reflects a positive change for our planet – the average carbon footprint has decreased in size! 🙌

As a result of this update, the amount of carbon avoidance that your existing subscription funds each month is decreasing slightly. 

If you'd like to dive deeper into how we calculate carbon footprints, we invite you to explore our blog post on the topic here.

12. Why have you made the decision to remove gifting?

Due to the changes in core tree prices detailed above, we've decided to retire our gifting product as any potential adjustments would not have fulfilled our commitment of providing value to our customers. We're currently exploring options to potentially reintroduce this product in a new form, in the future.

The current gifting product will be removed from our website on November 1st, 2023 - all unused gift codes will still be redeemable for a full further year, until October 31st, 2024, as will the current redemption page, so you’ll still have plenty of time to use your existing codes.

13: What changes might I wish to make to my Shopify/Zapier/custom API integrations?

Shopify App: If you're using the Shopify app, making adjustments is straightforward. Here's how:
  1. Open the app on your Shopify dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the settings section.
  3. Here you will find options to update the cap on the number of trees funded per billing period, or adjust when trees are funded for planting. For example, you may wish to switch to a 'plant per dollar spend', rather than 'plant per order' model.


Zapier: Zapier users can also make changes to manage their costs. To do this:
  1. Access your Zapier account.
  2. Navigate to the "action" settings to view your tree-planting Zaps.
  3. Modify the settings to control the number of trees, or quantity of carbon per request.

Manual API:
For users integrating directly through our API without the Shopify app, there isn't an inherent spend cap. To control costs, you may instead wish to modify your planting behaviour. This is best done by your own internal developer/API builder, but may involve:
  1. Reviewing your codebase to identify API calls related to tree planting.
  2. Adjusting the number of trees or quantity of carbon per API request based on your preferences.
Making these adjustments will allow you to continue aligning your tree-planting activities with your budget, while still contributing to the environment. If you have specific questions about code integration, please consult your development team, as individual guidance may be required based on your unique codebase.

Please let us know if you have any questions,
Many thanks,