Capturing and storing your data

Details of the data used by Ecologi Zero, and the data that can be excluded


At Ecologi, transparency is key to how we operate. That's why we only collect the data that we need (as read-only data) to calculate your carbon footprint and begin your journey to net-zero.

What data do we collect?

You have full control over what information we import from your accounting software. Sometimes, there can be 100s of account codes per customer! We only import your business expenditure, i.e. spend and invoices. When setting up your account we also allow you to exclude expenditure that is not required for footprint calculations.

Is my data secure?

We place the utmost importance on keeping your data secure. Firstly, only your organisation’s expenditure data is imported to Ecologi Zero ® – and no other financial data. Ecologi Zero accesses your accounting data as read-only, and Ecologi staff do not have access to your data without your explicit consent (i.e. to resolve a specific issue or question). We will not share your data with third parties.

All data is encrypted in transit and encrypted in storage on our servers. You can revoke Ecologi Zero’s access to your accounting software and delete your data, held on Ecologi Zero, at any time.