Getting started

All you need to get set up with Ecologi Zero


To begin using Ecologi Zero ® all you’ll need is an Ecologi Business account, this can be done during the Ecologi Zero onboarding process.

If you do not already have an account, these are the options we have available for you;

  • Sign up for a free Ecologi Business Account during the Ecologi Zero onboarding process,

  • Become a Climate Positive Workforce ® through a monthly subscription, or,

  • Alternatively, create a free, pay-as-you-go account here. 

How it works?

Ecologi Zero calculates your carbon footprint by analysing your business expenditure and the details you provide about your operations.

Follow this link to discover how Ecologi Zero calculates your carbon footprint.

What to expect?

First, you can set up your free account. Then we'll securely connect to your accounting software to analyse your business transactions and ask you to confirm the industry sector of your top suppliers if we're unable to do so automatically.

Finally, you can add details about your energy use and business travel. This allows us to provide you with a clear picture of your entire carbon footprint. You can then use Ecologi Zero to explore your emissions hotspots and start planning actions to take to reduce them.

Follow this link to find out how you can use Ecologi Zero

What you'll need?

All you'll need is login details to your accounting software to connect it to Ecologi Zero! This allows us to analyse your business transactions and help you to identify emissions hotspots. Currently, we support Xero (with QuickBooks Online coming soon!).

Follow this link to find out how to connect Ecologi Zero to your Xero accounting software.

Is Ecologi Zero BETA right for your business?

We are working towards supporting the widest range of businesses possible, but during this BETA phase we are focused on supporting businesses that look like this:

  • SMEs,

  • UK based,

  • Service industries, and,

  • Xero users.

Not for your business right now? Join our waitlist to hear when we'll support more businesses.

Follow this link to understand the detail of why Ecologi Zero is suitable for your business

What next for Ecologi Zero?

Ecologi Zero is a BETA product, meaning it’s in its early stages of development and we want your feedback to help us improve it.

The current version of the product is focused on helping you to calculate the carbon footprint needs to begin your net-zero journey. To let us know your thoughts you can email us at or just open the chat icon on any page.

Follow this link to find out more about the future of Ecologi Zero