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Next steps for Ecologi Zero

Find out what's in store for Ecologi Zero in the future 


We’re really excited to be launching Ecologi Zero ® into Beta testing in July 2022. During this phase, we’ll be focusing on helping SMEs through the first two stages of their journey to net-zero; ‘Set Up’ and ‘Calculate’. These stages are arguably the most critical steps because they are the first and you can’t begin your journey to net-zero without them!

In the short term, the team here at Ecologi are working alongside the entire Ecologi community to continually improve the Ecologi Zero dashboard; including further insights into your business emissions and providing reduction guidance on how to make both an immediate and more long-term impact on your emissions.


The next big step for Ecologi Zero is providing you with the tools to set measurable targets and make meaningful reductions to your business emissions with a sophisticated reduction plan. This is the next, and perhaps the most significant, step in the net-zero journey. The road to achieving net-zero is certainly a long one, but we’re excited to help make this journey as smooth as possible.


The future of Ecologi Zero is channelled into two overarching features; Ecologi Certified and Network Zero.

Our aim for Ecologi Zero is to be able to provide the customer with a ‘gold standard' of climate action. We will create a standardised and transparent approach to reaching net zero. We believe that when your business achieves this, Ecologi Certified will be a recognised way of sharing the news with your competitors and clients.

We know that tangible change comes from collective action and that’s why we’ve begun work on Network Zero. We want to connect climate-conscious businesses around the world to ensure that you can easily maintain a net-zero value chain. You will be able to identify which suppliers are on their net-zero journey and help to foster change in those businesses which aren’t. The exciting aspect of net-zero is that you can’t achieve your goals without engaging your supply chain; we can only get to net-zero if we do it together!