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Offsetting using carbon credits, rather than trees

For a breakdown of how we offset carbon through Ecologi, and why trees planted are not factored into these calculations

Here at Ecologi, we don’t include the carbon absorbed by newly planted trees in our carbon offset calculations as they are not mature enough to sequester carbon in large quantities. Despite not being included in any carbon offset calculations, the trees funded are still doing their thing by sequestering all that atmospheric carbon 🌳

Instead of using approximations of carbon sequestered in our tree planting sites, the process of "carbon offsetting" must be carried out using verified carbon credits. To offset the carbon of Ecologi members, we purchase carbon credits from the most reputable carbon standards, such as the Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard.

To learn more about our reforestation and carbon reduction projects, please visit the Our projects page on our website. Plus to learn more about the process of carbon offsetting and carbon credits, please visit this article written by Elliot our CEO, that explains them very neatly 👌

For more information or for further questions regarding this topic, please get in touch at support@ecologi.com.