Subscription changes 2022

Further information on the rising costs of supporting climate action and Ecologi's subscription changes as of April 2022

Ecologi's subscriptions have changed as of April 2022 in line with the rising cost of climate action. When it comes to the price of offsetting carbon, previously we here at Ecologi had offered carbon avoidance credits at prices far below the market average due to our reluctance to pass on price increases to our community. Although we’re still able to give our customers access to some of the cheapest prices available, we’ve now had to increase our budget per tonne of carbon avoidance, to better align our budget with the true price of high-quality carbon offsetting.

Regarding tree planting, due to the growth of our incredible community here at Ecologi, we must bring on new planting partners to meet the demand. New partners mean we’ll be planting trees in new locations, with different costs associated with land tenure, equipment, labour and the trees themselves.

Our goal here at Ecologi is always to stove to balance cost and quality. There has been no change in our margins, and there is no profiteering within our supply chain. Transparency and trust are at the core of everything we do, please take a look at our Public Impact and Operations Ledger which lists our receipts and certificates - we also publish financial reports on this site every quarter so that you can see we’re keeping to our word.

To understand more as to why the cost of climate action is increasing, please visit our blog post here which covers these changes in detail.