Albert profiles and payments

A step-by-step guide for production companies looking to make their Albert payment through Ecologi

1) Locate your footprint data - Once your production has been approved by Albert's auditors, to offset your emissions, first, locate your Footprint Data on your Albert profile.
2) Sign up for Ecologi Albert Profile - Click here to sign up for an Albert Ecologi profile. Please note, it's important to sign up via this method rather than Ecologi's other business profiles, as this will link all production companies to the Albert 'Parent' profile.
3) Purchase carbon avoidance credits - Once you have your Ecologi profile set up, there are two ways in which you can purchase carbon avoidance credits to offset your production's emissions.
a) via our Card payment portal
If you'd like to pay via our card payment portal, you can do this by following the instructions below:
  1. Visit your Ecologi profile and select ‘Request impact’
  2. Enter the quantity (in tonnes) of CO2e that you would like to purchase and press ‘Calculate’
  3. Check the price is what you expected and then press ‘Pay via Stripe’
  4. This will take you to our card payment portal which will ask you to enter your card details 
b) via invoice payment (minimum purchase amount of £500)
If you'd like to make this payment via invoice, please reach out to with the following details:
  • How many tonnes of CO2e you're looking to offset?
  • Your full company name and billing address
  • Whether you'd like to pay this invoice by BACs payment or by card.
  • The email linked to your Ecologi profile 
With these details, our Finance team will raise and send you an invoice. Then your carbon avoidance credits will be added within 2 working days of us receiving the payment.
4) Upload proof of payment - Once your credits have been added, all that's left to do is upload proof of payment to your Albert carbon action plan.
If you paid via our card payment portal, you'll have received a receipt in PDF form to your email address used to make the purchase.
For those who paid via invoice, a copy of this can be uploaded.
Alternatively, you're able to generate an impact certificate that shows all of your emissions reductions to date. To find out how to do this, please visit this article here
If you encounter any difficulties with this process or require any further support, please do reach out to the team at and the team will be happy to help!