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Ecologi Zero - What to do next

Once you've got started on Ecologi Zero, what next?


Once you've begun your onboarding journey there are a few key steps you need to take. To get the most accurate carbon footprint possible you need to;

Once you've completed those actions, take a look at these articles to discover what next;

Match your suppliers and transactions

When you first access Ecologi Zero ®, you'll be shown your dashboard, on the left-hand side you'll see your suppliers and transactions, click on this to begin matching!

When you access your suppliers and transactions you'll see the 'Actions Needed';

Once you've matched the items on this tab, Ecologi Zero will have accounted for 70% of your spend. This is a great start and allows us to begin calculating your footprint.

However, to get the most accurate footprint possible, click on the 'unmatched' tab. Here you can match those transactions which could not be automatically assigned to an industry. By matching these transactions, you will achieve a more accurate footprint and allow Ecologi Zero to automatically match more transactions in the future.

Add details on your energy usage

By clicking the 'Energy' tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard you'll have the ability to add information about your gas and electricity supplier. You can add this information by clicking either 'add gas supplier' or 'add electricity supplier' shown below;

By adding your energy usage, it allows Ecologi Zero to provide you with a more complete carbon footprint which includes emissions across all scopes.

Vehicles and Travel

The final action you need to take, to provide Ecologi Zero with the information needed for a detailed carbon footprint, is to provide details on your vehicles and travel.

When you click on 'Vehicles and Travel' you'll see that Ecologi Zero splits these into two categories; Business vehicles, and, Other vehicles used for business travel. These are recorded separately as they are captured under different scopes in the GHG Protocol due to the varying levels of control your business has over these sources of emissions.

You can see where to add the information in the image below;

What should you do next?

Once you've completed these first steps, you will need to regularly access Ecologi Zero to ensure your carbon footprint is as up-to-date as possible. We will auto-sync your accounting transactions to ensure that this always remains up to date.

When your data is up to date, you can use the dashboard to track your progress towards your goals.

Here at Ecologi, we're acutely aware that the net-zero journey can be long and often complex. We'd recommend reading these articles to help you in achieving net-zero;