Introducing Ecologi Zero

An introduction to our emissions calculation tool

Ecologi Zero ® is an emissions calculation tool, designed to help your business work out your operational carbon footprint. Understanding your carbon footprint is a critical first step on your journey to net-zero.

The tool supports you by securely importing your business’s data, producing emissions calculations from the data for Scopes 1, 2 and 3, and identifies where emissions hotspots are within your value chain.

Ecologi Zero makes carbon calculation more accessible. It's simple to use and requires no prior knowledge of carbon accounting!

You can follow this link to discover an overview of how Ecologi Zero calculates your carbon footprint, or, click here to read the detail behind our methodology.

Over time, we will develop Ecologi Zero to support you along the full net-zero journey; from target setting and reduction,to reporting and certification.

Together, we can make net-zero possible 🌎