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Ecologi Onboarding Checklist 🌱

Welcome to Ecologi! Our Onboarding Checklist is your roadmap to making a positive impact. Follow these steps to personalise your profile, set goals, earn recognition, fund climate impact, and spread the word. Let’s tackle climate change together! 🌎

1. Choose your account type

Accounts to suit all budgets and goals

  • Business subscription Accounts: subscription accounts designed to allow businesses and organisations to participate in climate action by supporting reforestation, carbon avoidance, and removal efforts by becoming a Climate Action Workforce.

  • Pay-as-you-go Account: a subscription-free account that allows businesses and individuals to fund reforestation projects, carbon avoidance, and removals on a pay-as-you-go basis, by making ad-hoc purchases as and when needed in our Impact Shop.

  • Personal Accounts: similar to business accounts, these allow individuals to choose from various personal subscription plans to contribute toward climate solutions.

  • Family Plans: a single-tier 'personal' subscription, that allows multiple family members to join forces to support reforestation and other impactful initiatives.

Production companies looking to set-up a BAFTA/Albert account can find details of the process and link to do so, here.

Businesses interested in our Ecologi Zero tool, can find further details here.

Businesses with their own developer capacity/knowledge, who are interested in automating their impact via an API integration, can find more information about the options available here - API's can be applied to either a subscription or PAYG account, depending on whether you wished to fund regular monthly impact on top of API-funded impact, or not.

 2. Profile Setup

Personalise Your Profile

  • Add a Profile Bio: Introduce yourself and share your passion for sustainability.
  • Change Your Profile Photo: Upload a company logo/image that reflects your environmental journey.
  • Edit Your Username/URL: Customise your Ecologi profile link.
  • Update your Privacy and Preferences: Public or Private, your choice.

Remember to keep contact details updated so we can reach you with the latest news and updates.

3. Set Your Goals

Sustainability Goals

  • Add Goals to Your Account: Specify what you want to achieve (e.g., tree planting, carbon offset, renewable energy support).
  • Need inspiration?: Check out the goals and ideas listed on our own public company profile!

4. Make Your Impact

Impact Shop

  • Explore the Shop: Discover climate impact projects.
  • Make your first purchase: Fill your new public profile page with trees and projects.
  • Check out your 'dashboard': see how your own impact feeds into collective action, and where - as you add different types of impact to your profile - you can track your totals and generate reports.

You'll find the billing history/receipts/invoices for all purchases made while logged-in to your account, in the 'Billing' section of your account menu.

5. Earn Recognition

Badges and Certificates

6. Spread the Word

7. Common queries/troubleshooting